…and another blog. LOL.

Hey there,

I get it. You think: “Jeez, another blog? Ugh. Whatever. Not interested.”

I get you.

There are thousands if not millions of blogs out there crying for attention and love. I like attention as well. I have recently found that out on my journey of self discovery (more on that in the next blog).

However, I will never force you to read my blog nor will I ever ask for your attention by sharing my blog posts all over social media. I do that with other things such as my photography which is my single biggest passion, vocation and hopefully soon profession in life. Just to be clear: This blog is not about photography. It’s just about me, my experiences, some advice, my life lessons learnt, stories and topics that interest me and maybe even some fictional stuff. I want to keep this blog as easy going as possible and I have not yet decided how frequently I am going to write.

Either way, should you come across this blog, don’t be shy and drop me a note be it to offer feedback, start a discussion or to just say “hello”. I don’t bite.

All the best



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